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Three Reasons Audiences Love Paul’s Presentations & Insights

"Paul is a world-class speaker. The way he engages the people in the room, and the pure organisation of his team was fantastic - these guys are highly recommended."

Richard Woods

High-Energy Environment

Paul's fervour for empowering individuals and businesses radiates in every presentation. His high-energy delivery captivates the audience, leaving them motivated and ready to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm.

Practical Actionable Insights

Paul doesn't just inspire; he equips. His presentations combine practical, actionable insights and strategies that empower the audience to take immediate steps toward their goals. Attendees leave with a clear roadmap for success.

Real-World Results

Paul's presentations are grounded in real-world experience and concrete results. He shares case studies and success stories that showcase the tangible impact of his strategies. Audiences appreciate that Paul's insights are not merely theoretical but have driven substantial growth and success for businesses and individuals alike

Practical, High-Energy, Fun & Results-Driven Speaking, Interviews & Media

If you're seeking practical, high-energy, and engaging presentations without the fluff, theory, or boring 'death by PowerPoint' experience in old venues, Paul Avins is the speaker you've been searching for

Paul never delivers the same speech twice, and he customises each talk to suit your audience while maintaining his unique style. He brings a fresh and entertaining perspective along with actionable insights. His presentations are designed to captivate, energise, and inspire your audience, leaving them ready to take practical steps toward success.

"Paul is a consummate public speaker with a wealth of business tools at his disposal. His style is authoritative but friendly and I highly recommend him to any business or organisation looking for inspiration, motivation and practical tools to move a business forward."

Tim Fifield

Paul has extensive real-world experience in multiple area

Business Growth



Team Building



Mindset Mastery

Scale-Up Tactics

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