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Meet Paul Avins

Trusted leader in the world of business growth

With a remarkable 20-year track record coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs, Paul knows how to deliver real results. He's successfully guided over 550 companies to surpass £1 million in revenue, with many scaling to an impressive £5 million and £10 million heights, dominating their industries.

Paul's journey has been marked by resilience, having survived a life-threatening asthma attack nine years ago, a testament to his unwavering commitment to helping others overcome adversity.

As the CEO of Massive Action Coaching, he leads 'Team Purple,' renowned for delivering world-class events, masterminds, and retreats that inspire and empower entrepreneurs on their scale-up journeys. Paul is also the driving force behind the No1 Scale-Up Mastermind in the UK, F12, boasting a remarkable 10-year history of creating millionaire business owners.


Years of Grown Up Business Retreats


Clients Exited for £50 Million


Clients Coached to £1m+


Team Members Profiled

Personalised Coaching for Exceptional Results

Elevate your business with Paul's personalised coaching sessions and CEO Days. Discover tailored strategies designed to address your unique challenges and goals. With one-on-one guidance from an industry expert, you'll achieve exceptional results and unlock your full potential.

Client Triumphs

Scaling To New Business Peaks with Paul

“Without Paul’s coaching and support, we would never have achieved our Scale Up goals so quickly or completed the Grown Up Journey with a 7 Figure Exit!”


“Since starting Coaching with Paul we have added over £1m in Sales to the Business. His Scale Up Strategies has really worked for us.”

Helen Goddard

"Since starting coaching with Paul we have Scaled Up from £582k to £1,046,000 in just 12 months!"

Paul Sherratt

"We have officially broken the £1m level in the business for the first time and this is 2 years ahead of plan!! All thanks to Paul's Coaching and the Community."

Mark Herbert

"Paul's coaching has helped us more than double the business from £1.5m to over £3m"

Tom Wolfenden

"Paul coaches you to level up your thinking, belief and ability to take fast action which accelerates your results and transforms the business"

Andy Green

"Paul's coaching helped me Scale Up my business and exit it to move to Cyprus and live my dream life within 3 years of working with him"

Alex Minchin

"Paul's Coaching and Content are always evolving and is always excellent"

Kate Higgins

"Since starting Coaching with Paul and the Scale Up Summit sales are up 20%"

Shahida Afzal

Why Do Entrepreneurs Trust Paul On Their Scale-Up Journey?

Decades of Expertise

With a remarkable 20-year track record, Paul Avins is a seasoned coach who knows precisely how to transform entrepreneurs and CEOs into success stories. His wealth of experience is the foundation upon which real results are built.

Scaling Mastery

Paul has coached over 550 companies not just to cross the £1 million threshold but to soar well beyond, reaching £5 million and £10 million milestones. These businesses have risen to dominate their industries under his expert guidance.

Resilience as a Guiding Light

Paul's personal journey, marked by resilience and tenacity, includes surviving a life-threatening asthma attack. This first-hand experience with adversity has equipped him with invaluable insights, enabling him to help others navigate challenges and bounce back stronger.

7 Figure Companies That Have Implemented Paul's Scale UP Strategies:

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