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Meet Paul

Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after Business Growth Coaches, Mastermind Mentors and Trusted Sales Advisors in the Business Community.

He is famous for creating innovative Strategic Growth Plans and Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without resorting to high pressure sales techniques, short term tricks or outdated and over used gimmicks.

His direct approach cuts through the management speak clichés bring his client clarity in a world of overwhelm and confusion. His positive energy and commitment to his clients visions has them taking massive consistent action resulting in impressive results for over 11 years.

As one of the top Talent Dynamics Global Partners and Performance Coach, Paul believes strongly in helping Sales Leaders, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs to tap into their talents and leverage their unique individual value to drive growth through high trust relationships.

He’s the Creator and Master Mentor of the F12 Mastermind the UK’s No1 Business Mastermind for £1m and above Businesses looking to 10X their results and returns.

At his core is a passion for constant education and growth, both personal and professional. Paul’s skill is in simplifying complex business concepts into practical and tactical “how to” models so his clients can apply them in their businesses, jobs and lives.

This shines through in his products and programs, books and breakthrough coaching. Learn more here… 

“Paul is a new breed of business expert as he blends powerful business tools with head and heart techniques for growth”

Rachael Elnaugh – Former BBC2 Dragon

Business Coach

For over 10 years Paul’s been Boosting Sales and Profits for business owners who want more Freedom, Family time and Financial rewards from their Companies. Using his Fast Growth Frameworks they’ve accelerated their growth, created jobs and built wealth.

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F12 Mentor

The F12 Mastermind is Paul’s Business Growth Mastermind that attracts driven Entrepreneurs with big dreams and big hearts who want new ideas and strategies, support from like minded people and strong accountability to drive results.

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Keynote Speaker

Paul’s Keynoted for companies including VW, Platinum Property Partners and Best Franchise Event, he has delivered Workshops on Sales, Marketing and Team Performance.  His Courses and Trainings have also been Approved, Certified for CPD Professional Credits.

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by Paul Avins

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Strategic Planning Program

10 Hours to more Clarity, Confidence and Cash

Why do some business owners succeed at levels beyond their imagination while others struggle or worse…close all together? It comes down to having the right Strategy for Scalable Growth. Think about it, if you can’t plan out a step by step roadmap for your growth you’re just leaving it up to chance, and luck is not a Strategy! In this flagship program Paul personally works with you for 10 hours over a 4/6 week period to create and document your personal growth plan. You’ll walk away with a 24 month growth road map, a 90 day fast start implementation plan, a 12 month marketing plan, a defined product staircase and much much more…

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Rapid Results Coaching

Rev up Your results with our 90 Day Growth Blueprint

Imagine how fast your business could grow working with Paul every two weeks to coach you, consult with you and push you froward on everything from Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Systems and Succession planning so you can achieve the Freedom you want and the Financial returns you deserve. This program is designed for serious business owners who are all about taking action, driving results and who want to tap into Paul’s vast Coaching and business building experience.

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F12 Mastermind

Turbocharging Business Results

Do you want to double your turnover and your profits in just 12 months? At last a proven, powerful and idea packed Mastermind guaranteed to drive your business to new levels of performance and profitability. This unique program of weekly calls, monthly meetings and 5 day business growth retreats set F10 apart from anything else and delivers new strategies, like minded support, masterminding and strong accountability to get things done! Paul brings his skills of Business Coaching, Training, Masterminding and Powerful Hot Seats together to deliver rapid results. Take a test drive and learn how to Power Your Profits by 101% in this free video training from Paul.

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by Paul Avins

Business SOS Book Cover

Business SOS

At last Paul reveals his battle tested business growth strategies that have made his coaching and consulting clients millions in extra sales and profits. In this fast paced, easy to ready book you will learn the secrets to take your business to the next level whatever challenge you may currently be facing. Includes 25 Strategies to magnify your marketing results, 16 ways to boost traffic to your website, 25 sales acceleration ideas, 23 ways to kill off cash flow pressures forever, 26 powerful profit boosting tools and the top 14 time traps and how to avoid them…

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Seven Sins of Networking

Building your business and personal network is an essential skill for success, yet so many business owners and employees are committing sins that destroy this. For the first time ever Paul walks you through the seven most common networking sins he’s witnessed running his Oxford Business Wealth Club and running seminar and events. These 7 sins committed by many will destroy trust and referrals and can stop sales in there tracks so make sure you’re not making any of them before you attend your next networking event.

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Double Your Sales Performance

Gone are the days of having a one size fits all sales technique.  Your prospects and customers are individuals and all their own personalities and have their own preferred communication style.  In this 4 part video training series, you’ll learn about 8 different buyer profiles, how to recognise them and more importantly how to communicate with them to make selling much easier.

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How to Grow Your Profits by 101%

If you want to grow your business in the next 12 months, then this fast paced live training is for you.

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The Ultimate Guarantee Building Blueprint

Announcing the Fastest, Easiest & Safest Way to Implement a Guarantee in your Business that’s Proven to Double your Sales.  Grab your copy of this 35 page Ultimate Guarantee Building Blueprint at the launch price of just £7.00 (RRP £47) and you’ll get instant access to a step by step guide that will walk you through building and implementing a Powerful Profit Pulling Guarantee in your business today…

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