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Perhaps you've always known you were an Entrepreneur, or perhaps like me it took you a while to finally figure out why you were different from all the other people you worked with or around.
Whenever you realised it, you unlocked a part of you that can never go back. A desire to take control of your own destiny and shape a life and a legacy that justifies the risks you know you'll have to take and the hard work you know you'll need to put in.

But none of that matters as you are in control and you have the freedom you have always craved.

Over the last 15 years I've coached hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you and helped them to grow and scale their companies so they experience greater financial returns, more time with their families and have an ability to contribute and give back to the people and causes that matter to them.

I've been privileged to Mentor and Coach some of the most successful people in their industries and during this time I've realised that clients are attracted to working with me because they share 3 strong desires. See if any or all of these three resonate with you...

 1) Wanting proven strategies and systems they could follow to scale their company.
 2) Needing a strong coach who was not afraid to challenge them and call them on their "BS".
 3) Knowing they can get distracted so see value in being held accountable to get more done!
My goal is to help YOU to BE more, DO more and ACHIEVE more by tapping into the potential you've not been able to access on your own. 

On this website you'll find a number of free resources you can watch, download and learn from to help you on your journey, plus interviews where I share my story of struggle, my lessons, thoughts and habits as well as key strategies you can implement into you business and life today to grow.

If what you see here resonates with you and you would like to experience working with me for 30 minutes to "test drive" how my coaching works, then just click the green button below and book a time that works for you in my diary. There is no obligation to go further and no cost because at this stage we don't know if we are a good fit for each other or not.

If you are looking to join a Mastermind, then click on the F12 Link or if you need help building a High Performing Team click the Team Dynamics link to visit those sites and access our free help and resources.
Paul Avins
is an Award Winning Business Growth Expert and Author
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Client Success Stories
Take a few minutes to learn from my clients sharing their results 
and insights from working with me over the last 15 years
6 Ways Paul's Coaching Is Guaranteed to
Scale You to the Next Level
"Over the last 15 years working with over 3,500 driven entrepreneurs, I've distilled down the 6 growth drivers that need to be present for a business to experience 10X results. The critical element is all of these lead to SUSTAINABLE growth and are built on solid fundamentals." - Paul Avins 
1. Strategies, Systems and Sales
You can't SCALE your business without the right strategy in place. It needs to be simple, stop you getting distracted by new ideas, and proven to deliver consistent growth in sales. You must also know which systems to use to save you time and money while making sales.
2. Customers, Cash 
and Confidence
Did you know there are 7 Customer Levels depending on the level of your business? Plus their are 4 types of customers and not knowing these means they might not be the right customers to generate Cash flow so that you have the confidence to invest and grow.
3. Accountability, Assets and Action
You may have a great Product or Service but without great systems any attempt to SCALE will be destined to fail! Strong systems should Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money and become the oil that keeps your business running smoothly as it grows.
4. Leadership and Leverage 
The moment you start your business you become a Leader. But the their is a skill to Leading and Building a High Performing Team that must be mastered if you truly want to reach your potential. People offer you huge Leverage if you know how to tap their talents.
5. Mind Set and  
Being in business for yourself can be an isolating journey, after all who can you share your worries and fears with? Your Team? Your Friends? Your life Partner? Your Mind Set and Resilience is 80% of your success and without the support its hard to stay moving forward. 
6. High Performance Products and Profits
As the saying goes, Turnover is Vanity while Profit is Sanity but Cash is everything! So you must have a Profitable Product Staircase, know how to run Profitable Promotions and work to reduce your Profit Leaks using the Profit Pipeline System so you stay in the black.
Download My Free E-Book and Video Training
Secrets of Business Growth
In these 3 Business Growth Interviews I Share How To Successfully Grow Your Business,
Build Your Team and What it Really Takes to Succeed
Secrets to growing a scalable 
7 figure business
Overcoming the Top Businesses Challenges in 2018/2019
How to launch a successful Start-up
and the top mistakes to avoid
Meet Paul & His Family
Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after Business Growth Coaches, Mastermind Mentors and Trusted Sales Experts in the World today.  Over his 15 year career he has become famous for creating Dynamic Business Growth Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without high pressure sales techniques, short term tricks or get rich gimmicks.

But it's not always been this way and Paul has had to cover come many personal setbacks on his journey including a life threatening heart attack and a business failure, which means he knows how to deal with adversity and keep moving forward.

His passion for continued learning mixed with his desire to help people unlock their true potential have been drivers for him to create coaching and training programs that deliver powerful, predictable growth for clients. While also helping them to achieve a life of fulfilment and flow through his F12 Mastermind Boardroom.

Paul is the author of 5 Business books including, Business SOS, Secrets of the Wealth Accelerators, Mastermind You way to Millions and The Authority Guide to Trusted Selling. A sort after keynote speaker he's share the stage with such business giants as David Gold, Rachael Elnaugh, James Cann, Jeffery Archer, Daniel Priestly and Roger James Hamilton. 

Paul is also the ONLY speaker to have ever been invited back four times to speak at the Salon Success 365 Annual Conference after receiving the highest feedback possible from delegates.

He is also the CEO of Team Dynamics Global which has become the world’s No1 Partner for Talent Dynamics working with over 4,500 high performing Leaders and Teams. Paul believes that for a business to scale and reach its full potential it must master the skill of building high performing teams that can sell, serve customers and support the owners vision.

Paul and Sue have been married for over 15 years and together they have a 12 year old son, (going on 25!!) named Jonathan and a 3 year old dog called Eddie. Until 3 years ago they ran a number of companies together before Sue suffered a brain injury which left her in hospital for nearly 4 months followed by a long recovery. But this adversity just made their love stronger and his determination greater to make a difference in the lives of every client he works with to grow their businesses. 

He also has a passion for cars and loves attending motoring events like Goodwood or Carfest. 
Sue & Jonathan relaxing at home

Paul on a Dream a Building Trip to Blenheim Supercar Sunday

Want My Help to SCALE Your Business?
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Paul's Incredible Experience...And Clients!
Over the last 15 Years Paul has Coached, Shared the Stage and 
Worked with some of the Biggest Names in the World 
Roger Hamilton
Founder of Wealth & Talent Dynamics
Louise Parker
Author of Lean for Life
Jo Formosa
Founder of Health Dynamics 360
Paul Dunn
Chairman of B1G1
Rachel Elnaugh
Founder of Red Letter Days and UK Gift Co
Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur
Racing Legend
Information Product Creator

CEO Strategic Coach

Movie Star & Former Governor of California
LinkedIn Expert & KPI Partner

Eddie Jordan
Formula 1 Legend & TV Personality
Alex Mandossian
Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers
Simon Zutshi
Property Investor & Pin Founder
Barry McGuigan MBE
Boxing Iegend
Nick Carlile
Property Entrepreneur & Speaker
Joel Roberts
Media Coach Extraordinaire
CEO ActionCoach
Warren Knight
Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist
Ambrose Blowfield
CEO of the Marketing Group
Julie Holmes
Innovation Speaker & Cofounder of 
Hey Mic!
Kriss Akabusi MBE
Multiple Olympic Medalist
Property Investor & Speaker
Kevin Whelan
Top UK Pensions Expert
Michael Gerber
E-Myth Author & Small Business Guru
Nathan Littleton
Email Marketing Specialist
Ken West
Director of Education at 365 Salon Success
Best Selling Author of KPI & 24 Assets
Graham Rowan
Elite Investor Club CEO
Stephen M. R. Covey
Speed of Trust Author& Speaker
Dr Robert Cialdini
Bestselling Author on Influence
Marcus de Maria
Wealth Educator & Trader
Alan Robinson
Veterinary Dynamics CEO & Vet Entrepreneur
Penny Ferguson
CEO of The Living Leader & Speaker 
Dr Joanna Martin
CEO One of Many & Shift Training 

Michael & Stella Dong
Award Winning Property Investors
Darren Hardy
New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker
Fabienne & Derek Fredrickson
Founders of Client Attraction
Rachel Taplin & Ben Kench
PR Legend & Sales Expert
Tom Breeze & Samantha Kelly
YouTube and Facebook Experts
On Stage with Roger Hamilton
at Fast Forward
On stage at the 2017 
Marketing Summit
Running an F12 Mastermind Meeting in Oxford
With some of our Certified Team Dynamics' Trainers
Execution Excellence Delivers Results!
Throughout my coaching career it's become more and more clear to me that your success is directly linked to your ability to focus on the critical activities that make the difference, and execute on them consistently.

The challenge is that most of the time we are too close to the business as the owner and we can't see the wood for the trees. My job as a coach is often to pull entrepreneurs back so that they can see which direction to go in next so that they can focus on executing against their chosen strategy.

As I often say "don't tell me  - show me what you have done!"

Which is why I create my signature sign off phrase to keep clients focused because you really do "Get Paid on what you get....DONE!"
3 Additional Growth Resources
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