Remember, You're Protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee... 

Client results are not typical and YOU have to put in the work and take action on the coaching Paul gives you

Scale Up Strategy Session

The time you need the plan is BEFORE you start to grow

As this coaching programme is over 6 weeks and split between 2x Live in person meetings and a zoom call, the guarantee covers the FIRST live meeting at Paul's home office. If, after this session of 5 hours you don't feel you got ideas and strategies that could give you a 10X return on your investment over the next 12 months then you can just walk away and ask for your money back. No hard feelings and no explanation needed!

Scale Up Coaching 

Learn how to get to Seven Figures Fast!

This is Paul's flagship online coaching programme and is run over 21 weeks. If after attending the first 6 weeks of the coaching programme you don't see how you can make an extra £100k in sales and profits from what Paul is teaching you, then you can leave keeping any materials and with a full refund - no questions asked and no hard feelings.

F12 Mastermind

The UK's No1 Business Growth Boardroom 

This is the UK's No1 Business Growth Boardroom with a 10 year track record. Joining a Mastermind Programme is a significant commitment, as it lasts a minimum for 12 months, although most members stay for 24 to 36 months.

We guarantee to show you how to:
- Level Up as a leader so you can create an additional £1m of shareholder value in your business.
- Team Up your people so they perform at a higher level and help you create more work life balance than ever before.
- Scale Up your sales and marketing to attract more customers who will pay higher prices and deliver high profits.

However, if after attending the kick off meeting for the year, you really don't feel this type of support, coaching and community is for you, then talk to Paul at the end of the day and you can step off the programme and leave the community to go it alone.

Inner Circle

Learn how to buy and build cash generating assets

This is the most intimate coaching programme Paul offers and is open to just 8 entrepreneurs who have either completed 2 years on the F12 Mastermind Programme or who have a business that runs without them and generates high six figures in profit with free cash to invest. 

This programme guarantees to show you how to buy businesses for no money down that generates positive cashflow. It guarantees to inspire you to play a much BIGGER game and it guarantees to hold you accountable in a room of like-minded high performers.

Hire Paul For Your Business or Event

Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements

If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Paul Avins, his fees for events are below:
VIP Growth Day - As these are on an application basis, if you are approved then both parties will have agreed that it's good fit so there is no specific guarantee in place.
​Speaking Engagements - If you don't feel Paul over delivered huge value to your audience and the feedback (measured) is below your expected levels then you are protected by his 100% money back guarantee. 
​6 Month 121 Coaching - The guarantee here covers the first 6 weeks of coaching and if after that you honestly don't feel Paul's coaching style is for you then you can walk away no questions asked with a full refund.
Don't take our word for it, here are what just two of our F12 members have to say about being part of our programmes...
Here are Just a Few of Our Client's Experiences from working with Paul...
“I have worked with Paul for a number of years and his F12 mastermind group is one of his best! You get Paul’s undoubted wisdom – and he really knows how to get into your business– but you also get excellent contributors from his vast network who bring in their specialist knowledge, but most important, you get 11 other business buddies to tap into throughout the programme. 

It is invaluable if you want to accelerate the growth of your business to scale or sell it”.

Alastair Broom, Garageflex (Member for 3 Years)
”I have been a member of F12 for 2 years and the investment I have gained both, professionally, personally and for my business has been exceptional.  The skills, knowledge and confidence I have acquired has enabled me to challenge processes, attitudes and dynamics of my team and business, leading to the identification and creation of opportunities that have broken sector norms, resulting in growth and development both financially and reputationally for the business.  More specifically, challenging perceptions of my industry, learning new business strategies and improving my business acumen has opened up new markets through joint ventures, realising the potential of partnerships and the value of networking.  Being part of F12 also provides a network of support and trust with like minded business leaders of whom are always on hand to guide and mentor through the tough times and the good  times.  For Beaufort Care Group F12 as been part of our journey to success and I am proud and privileged to be part of such an awesome community.”

Amanda Goodenough, Beaufort Care Group (Member for 3 Years)

“We went from needing to loan the business money to make payroll and survive to generating an additional £1.2m+ in new sales and over £500k in Net Profits since working with Paul” 

Steven Shore (MD), Family Owned Bodyshop
“Paul’s helped us scale up from 2 employees to a team of 30+ and really develop us a leaders. My husband and I are less stressed, have more time and we have passed the £1.2m turnover target we set initially."

Sheena Marsh (MD), Landscape Gardening Business

“Before we started to work with Paul we were working long hours, most weekends and the whole business revolved around us. Now we have a great management team in place, work a few days a week and the business has grown by 45%…and we keep getting offers to acquire us!”

Ian Whiting (MD), Award Winning Cyber Security Company
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