by Paul Avins

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Strategic Planning Program

10 Hours to more Clarity, Confidence and Cash

Why do some business owners succeed at levels beyond their imagination while others struggle or worse…close all together? It comes down to having the right Strategy for Scalable Growth. Think about it, if you can’t plan out a step by step roadmap for your growth you’re just leaving it up to chance, and luck is not a Strategy! In this flagship program Paul personally works with you for 10 hours over a 4/6 week period to create and document your personal growth plan. You’ll walk away with a 24 month growth road map, a 90 day fast start implementation plan, a 12 month marketing plan, a defined product staircase and much much more…

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Rapid Results Coaching

Rev up Your results with our 90 Day Growth Blueprint

Imagine how fast your business could grow working with Paul every two weeks to coach you, consult with you and push you froward on everything from Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Systems and Succession planning so you can achieve the Freedom you want and the Financial returns you deserve. This program is designed for serious business owners who are all about taking action, driving results and who want to tap into Paul’s vast Coaching and business building experience.

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F12 Mastermind

Accelerating Your Business Growth

Do you want to double your turnover and your profits in just 12 months? At last a proven, powerful and idea packed Mastermind guaranteed to drive your business to new levels of performance and profitability. This unique program of weekly calls, monthly meetings and 5 day business growth retreats set F10 apart from anything else and delivers new strategies, like minded support, masterminding and strong accountability to get things done! Paul brings his skills of Business Coaching, Training, Masterminding and Powerful Hot Seats together to deliver rapid results. Take a test drive and learn how to Power Your Profits by 101% in this free video training from Paul.

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