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Talent Dynamics Profile

The Talent Dynamics Profile test is based in the Chinese I Ching. This ancient text inspired Jung to develop his identification of Personality types and this led to the general acceptance of personality profiling as a valuable tool for personal and professional development. This powerful, but quick and easy to complete test, assesses your strengths, productivity, values and behaviour in order to determine which one of the 8 Talent Dynamic Profiles you are. From this we can help you identify your “flow” state of success and show you how to spend more time in it, so you add more value to your business or company. Which Profile are You?

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TD Profile and Debrief

If you want to go deeper and get even more insights about how your profile can be used to add more value to your business or company so that you achieve more results with less stress, get paid at a high level and have more fun in the process – then add in a personal debrief with Paul. This is a focused 45 min coaching session with one of the top Talent Dynamic Performance Consultants who will unlock your true potential, release you from your frustrations and focus you on breakthrough strategies you’ll want to implement in your business and life as they are based on your specific results. Paul only has room for a limited number of these each month so book your session now!

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TD Team Acceleration Day

Most Business and Companies are not harnessing anywhere close to the true potential in their people and this loss of passion and productivity costs millions. But now there is a way to not just stop it, but to turn it around by tapping into the true talents of each and every person on your team, no matter how big or small your team or business is. The Talent Dynamics Team Acceleration day harnesses the profiles of your team mixed with expert facilitation and coaching from Paul and his team to create a true Business Development Pathway for Accelerating Trust, Flow and Growth.

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Talent Dynamics for Sales Day

Recruiting, Managing and Running a Sales team of any size is a very challenging role for an Entrepreneur, Sales Manager or even Sales Director…especially if you don’t know the Talent Dynamic Profiles of your Sales people! Without this insight how will you know which part of the Trusted Sales Cycle(TM) to use them in so that they add the most value to win the business? Should they be involved in new business or in growing and developing existing accounts? How do you keep such different personalities motivated and performing at peak? All these questions and more are not only answered but mapped onto our proprietary Sales methodology which is Guaranteed to Double your teams performance, sales and productivity. The world of selling has changed forever and this training sets a new standard for the industry.

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