Online & CD Courses

by Paul Avins

Double Your Sales Performance

Gone are the days of having a one size fits all sales technique.  Your prospects and customers are individuals and all their own personalities and have their own preferred communication style.  In this 4 part video training series, you’ll learn about 8 different buyer profiles, how to recognise them and more importantly how to communicate with them to make selling much easier.

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Scale Your Business

The majority of business owners want to grow their business, but with growth brings a number of unique problems. In this 2 part video training, Paul takes you through the 5 Key elements that you need to be aware of in order to scale your business successfully.



Turbo Success System

In this flagship home study course Paul personally Coaches you through his 6 Gears to Turbo Business Growth. This live training that delegates paid £1,500 to attend

and you can access all the DVD’s (over 6 hours) and the CD’s to listen and learn over and over again at home, in the car or in the office. You’ll also receive a workbook

and copies of Paul Slides so you can follow along and log your own ideas and breakthrough strategies

During this training You’ll Learn:

– The 6 Lanes of the Wealth Creation Highway and how to go from the broke lane to the Wealth lane

– Paul’s Power Up Process for attracting the right customers who’ll generate 80% of your Profits

– How to identify New Money Ideas and how to spot the right ones to implement

– Why as a Business Owner Marketing and Innovation hold the keys to your growth

– How the 5 Profit drivers of your Business Engine need to perform to boost business by 101%

– Margin Mastery and the 9 ways to raise your prices and still sell more

– What the most dangerous number in business is and how to avoid it so you keep growing

– What you Must do to Double Sales by using a Guarantee to work for your products and services

– Plus much much more…

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101% Profits

If you want to grow your businessinthe next 12 months, then this fast paced live training is for you. You’ll gain a deep knowledge of the 5 areas of the business engine that you need to master to grow your bottom line a 101% boost



Business Grand Prix

Imagine having Paul personally work with you for 3 days to grow your business using cutting edge Tactics, Tools and Templates you can implement fast into your business to drive growth.

During this industry leading 3 Day High Ticket event (£1,500) Paul will reveal to you the exact success strategies he’s used with his high paying private clients to generate over £100 million in additional Sales and Profits.

Here’s what was covered on each day:

Day 1: Set Up for Success / The must have Foundations for Fast Growth / Guest Speaker Self Made Millionaire Andrew Garner

Day 2: Get on the Grid for Growth / Right Model for Maximum Wealth / Guest Speaker Racing Hall of Fame Legend Derrick Bell – What it takes to Win

Day 3: Race to Results / Scalability and Online Sales Secrets / Guest Speaker Captain Tony Harris from Race to Recovery (Warning! This presentation will eliminate all excuses you have)

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