by Paul Avins

The Authority Guide to Trused Selling

Building Stronger, Deeper, More Profitable Relationships with Your Customers to Create Lifetime Loyalty

In today’s volatile world sales professionals must know how to build trust in their company, their products and ultimately themselves in order to win the business. In this Authority Guide, Paul Avins shares his proven 4 step system to help you contact, connect and convert more customers with less effort.

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Secrets of the Self Made Millionaires

You do not need to have any money to become a millionaire and you do not need to have a business degree. You do need to be resourceful, have a particular mindset and the right strategy. This book is not a ‘get rich quick’ book but it is a booked packed with ‘get rich’ ideas you can use. If you take the teachings of these wealthy people you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams. Bringing together some of the most successful business people, so you can benefit from all their knowledge. They share openly how they made it, so you can learn from how they achieved their success.

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Business SOS Book Cover

Business SOS

At last Paul reveals his battle tested business growth strategies that have made his coaching and consulting clients millions in extra sales and profits. In this fast paced, easy to ready book you will learn the secrets to take your business to the next level whatever challenge you may currently be facing. Includes 25 Strategies to magnify your marketing results, 16 ways to boost traffic to your website, 25 sales acceleration ideas, 23 ways to kill off cash flow pressures forever, 26 powerful profit boosting tools and the top 14 time traps and how to avoid them…

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Seven Sins of Networking

Building your business and personal network is an essential skill for success, yet so many business owners and employees are committing sins that destroy this. For the first time ever Paul walks you through the seven most common networking sins he’s witnessed running his Oxford Business Wealth Club and running seminar and events. These 7 sins committed by many will destroy trust and referrals and can stop sales in there tracks so make sure you’re not making any of them before you attend your next networking event.

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